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Personalisierte Office und Gamingstühle, ex Airbus A330 generalüberholte Langstreckensitze. 

Ein Muß für jeden Luftfahrtfreund. Belastung bis 180kg.
Preis € 1300.- excl.MWST, Transport and Personalisierung.
Lieferzeit: 4-6 Wochen, nach Zahlungseingang.
Bald ist Weihnachten 😊

Recaro BL3520 Lightweight Seat for B737-600/700/800

We have 3 ShipSets with 183 Pax available in AR Condition.
We could also offer this in SV Condition with EASA Form 1.
Seats incl. USB port on upper backrest
Comfort Cushion with 10 mm extra foam 

5 additional ShipSets are coming soon

1 Shipset A320 Fam. 180Pax, Recaro Seat BL3520 D&E, YOM 2010

Conditions: Serviceable with EASA Form 1

New Leather Seat covers installed

Business Class seats for A330 former Brussels airline
YOM: 2012 in AR or SV Cond.
30 Pax Business Class Thompson
existing of 10 Single seats and 10 Double Seats


OO-SFZ LOPA.pdf (2.99MB)
OO-SFZ LOPA.pdf (2.99MB)

If you are interested please contact us by mail: info@hosito.de
Your team from HOSITO Ind.