Cabin equipment products

At HOSITO Ind. GmbH create technical sewing groups from all types of leather and fabrics, which we design according to your wishes. All components are handmade and subjected to the most precise quality controls. Our products are used in aviation, on rail, on water and on the road.

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Production of the following products for your cabin equipment

Backrest Covers
Seat cushion Covers
Headrest Covers
Legrest Covers
Literature pockets
Life vest pouches

Aisle curtains
Mobile class separators
Cold protection curtains
Acoustic insulation curtains
Wall coverings
leather armrest cushions

Spare parts for the Aviation industry

Sale, exchange & loan of parts

No matter how extensive your spare parts require­ments are, our customer service team is available to meet your spare parts needs for all modern civil aircraft or helicopters. We offer a range of sales, exchange and rental services and have a global network.

HOSITO Ind.GmbH can manage your business on a regular daily demand basis or we can tailor a general agreement on terms and conditions to your specific requirements.

All parts are supplied with full certification.

Manufacturer Certificate FAA or EASA Form One
FAA or EASA approved repair station certificate

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